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  • Hannah
    Thank you for subbing in for our German 2 class several times this year. It was interesting and nice to discuss the material with new viewpoints. It's also fascinating to hear about Germany and be taught by someone who lives there.
  • Elke
    I want to express my heartfelt thanks for her professional treatment of my son. She immediately had a good rapport with him. Through her friendly demeanor, she acquired his trust and he liked going for instruction.  She built up his confidence in his abilities in the English language and it became something positive for him. His grade consistently improved. He started with a 5 and within a year moved up to a 3, which he was able to hold on to. She taught him a system of learning so that he could continue on his own. I can highly recommend Ms. Fiedler as an English teacher.
  • Eli
    I have thoroughly enjoyed learning German this year. It has been a wonderful introduction, and being able to hear some of the cultural contexts of the language from someone who lives in Germany has been fascinating!
  • Sam
    I have learned so much in your class and you are constantly cracking us up with puns or witty sayings. I am disappointed that I haven't been able to make all the meetings because of running, but I greatly appreciate your prompt and thorough answers to all my questions.  Danke!
  • Shelby
    Thank you so much for such a great year of German! You have made learning this language so much fun, and I really appreciate your enthusiasm for teaching us! Not every teacher would put up with all of our crazy puns and jokes.
  • Peter
    I appreciate your encouragement and your ability to make learning German fun and interesting.
  • Elizabeth
    I was in your German I class two years ago and just wanted to say that I am in German III now and we still talk all the time about how much we learned in your class! Every year of German has been such a great experience for me.
  • You've done more for me in a foreign language class than anybody else. I went from a rough, very small knowledge about German grammar and language to a  much bigger understanding of how to form multiple different types of sentences in  German. You went above and beyond what you were required to do, and that has definitely left a big impression on me.
  • Ineka
    I think that you have a unique way of conducting your classroom that sticks out to me among other class settings I have been in. I am drawn to your ability to put the education into the hands of your students. I have come to a  greater realization that ultimately how much I learn depends on me. Just me. Thank you for teaching me that, along with bearing with my German insufficiency
  • Gabriel
    Never have I so quickly fallen in love with a language as I did with German, and that's largely because of your efficient and fun teaching style. I can't thank you enough for giving me the foundation I needed to jump into all my present German studies, including all the translation of German 2 and 3, as well as the extra-curricular German things like documentaries.
  • Sofia
    German was so much fun with you. You both made me laugh and sometimes terrified me with your mysteriousness and wonderful evil laugh (you have by far the best evil laugh on the planet). Thank you for always being willing to go over any extra work I did.

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